Becky’s Bat-Mitzvah

To All Our Family and Friends,

It’s hard to believe that almost 12 years ago (Nov. 6, 1996), Jennie was about to give birth to a beautiful baby girl. In doing so, we named her Rebekah Orel Bernal meaning: to tie or noose; the light of God; strong as a bear. We’ll, over the years she has proven to be just as her name defines. Her beauty still captivates her male audience (one boy in her class stares at her all the time) and, of course, she still ties (binds) her daddy’s heart around her finger. She truly loves the Lord and tries to allow His light to shine through her, and her stubbornness can be as strong as a mother bear defending her cubs—at least when it comes to cleaning her room!

Anyhow, the time has come for her to celebrate her Bat-Mitzvah. Basically, the term defines one as becoming a daughter of the Instructions of God (Torah). I guess we could say she is taking the first steps to becoming a young adult. The responsibility of her spirituality no longer rests solely on the shoulders of her parents, but she now has to take the necessary steps to walk out her faith and knowledge in the Lord by herself. Along with this step comes responsibility—gained or lost. When Jesus (Yeshua) was twelve years of age he stood before the elders/scholars/doctors of his time and astounded them with his teachings (Luke 2:41-52). Now, although Yeshua was only a young man (in this culture we would call him a rebellious teenager), he knew he had work to do and needed to get on with the Father’s business. And, although he wasn’t fully into his ministry, he recognized his calling. Even though we could say that Rebekah is not yet ready to be an adult, to the fullest extent of the word, we know that she—just as Yeshua—will continue to increase in wisdom, stature, and favor with both man and God (Luke 2:52). When Adam and Nathan had their coming of age ceremony, they too had much to learn; however, they have proven to be wonderful, respectable, and honorable young men; still much to learn, but who doesn’t? In the same way, Jennie and I expect Rebekah to prove herself as a woman after God’s heart. She will have many victories and failures along the way; however, she will have a sideline of supporters to cheer her on: Her parents, her brothers, and you . . . her extended family and friends.

Right now, Rebekah aspires to be a Veterinarian and she is well along in the process. She is a straight “A” student, and has dreamed about it openly for a few years now. Both Jennie and I are encouraging her and telling her that she can do anything she puts her mind to—especially becoming a Veterinarian.

Rebekah has been a delight for us, and we both hate seeing her grow up and becoming a woman. I told her the other day that she was grounded from boys until she reaches 30 years of age. (Of course she dropped her lower lip and pouted; I then moved the age to 40!) We miss that cute-pigtailed-smiley baby, but we know that this is the natural course of things and all babies must become adults. At first we were planning on having an all out-no holds bar-extravaganza-celebration; however, Rebekah just opted to have a smaller ceremony with some close friends at the house. Although, if you would like to join us please stop by, we’re sure she would love it. Either way, we hope you’ll take some time to congratulate her.

So, without further ado . . . we, Adrian, Jennie, Nathan, and Adam present to you . . .

. . . Rebekah Orel Bernal, a Daughter of God!

Congratulations Rebekah!

November 8, 2008; 10 Cheshvan 5769

We Love you!

Please send all correspondence to:

Rebekah O. Bernal

Po Box 725

Victor, ID 83455


One response to “Becky’s Bat-Mitzvah”

  1. Father G-d I just ask you bless this time for Rebekah, that You in a special way confirm and seal her identity in You, that Your destiny for her likewise be upon her heart, that she would delight in your ways and delight in Your presence, continue to fill her with Your presence, prosper her in all her ways as she acknowledges You lord G-d, just move powerfully within her Father G-d, in Yeshua\’s name So let it be!! 

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