Oaks of Righteousness Ministries (ORM) is taken from Isaiah 61:3c, “. . . so that they will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting by ADONAI for the glory of his splendor” (emphases added). ORM began out of the requests from many pastors and ministry leaders throughout the country. Their need to learn more about Messianic Jews, Jews, and the annual feasts were presented to the founder because of his level of education and background as a Messianic Jewish believer (’87) and as a pastor (’93). Initially he had three pastors supporting his decision, as advisors, when he launched with several pastors queued to have him speak or present a Passover Seder for their respective congregations. ORM continues to minister in such locations including weekend pulpit or seminars teaching the Church the Hebraic idioms of the New Testament Writings or simply being a guest speaker or lecturer.

ORM exists to: (1) bring knowledge to all non-Jewish believers of the rich heritage they have in the Old Testament, Old Testament covenants and promises, and to boost their understanding and knowledge of what it means to be grafted-in and how that applies today through the New Covenant. (2) To reveal to the Jewish people that Yeshua is the Messiah, being both the Son of God and the Son of Man. And, (3) to help establish messianic congregations when the need arises. This is done through speaking at local churches and synagogues, blogs on the internet, and books or writings to establish sound, biblical truth for messianic studies. As a non-denominational ministry ORM has been able to cross denominational barriers; thus, ORM has ministered among Charismatics, non-Charismatics, Evangelicals—both orthodox and traditional—Messianic congregations, and within Conservative Judaism settings as well. Furthermore, Dr. Bernal also offers faith-based counseling to couples, individuals, and families in his local area or through internet media platforms.

Founded in 2004 as Adrian Bernal Ministries, now Oaks of Righteousness Ministries, ORM has introduced many people, including Jewish people, to the faith, has ordained two messianic rabbis and three pastors for the work of the Lord, founded Beit Yeshua Messianic Congregation in Victor, Idaho, and assisted other congregations in growing and becoming established in MJ studies. Furthermore, over 2000 people have attended Passover Seders hosted by ORM. Dr. Bernal has also developed a course to help believers understand the Hebraic idioms of the New Testament and currently the founder is writing commentaries on 1st and 2nd Timothy as part of the Messianic Jewish Commentary Series, set to being published in the Spring of 2022. ORM is a ministry of El Shaddai Congregation of Frederick, MD, which is also a part of El Shaddai International, which is the Apostatic covering for ORM.

About Dr. Bernal

Adrian Bernal (Ze’ev) obtained both his Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) in Biblical Counseling with a minor in Jewish Studies and his Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) in Jewish Studies from Columbia Seminary (ColumbiaSeminary.edu). His family is part of the Krypto-Jews of New Mexico of Sephardic extraction. He was born-again in 1985 and has a passion for teaching ADONAI’s instructions as Yeshua understood and clarified them to his disciples. He has been in the ministry since 1993. He also believes that the Qahal (the Church) should and must be comprised of both Jew and Gentile (The Mystery, Ephesians 1:9) expressing their differences while embracing their commonality in the Messiah of the world, both now and the world to come.

He has three wonderful, adult children and is an avid fly-fisherman and enjoys riding his motorcycle when the occasion calls for it. He also earns a living as a Golf Teaching Professional and has been teaching all levels of golf skill for the past 13 years (recently being elected as the Top 100 Golf Teaching Professionals in the world with the USGTF/WGTF). As of December 2020 he makes his home in Margate, Florida, with his wife Linda while serving as the Senior Rabbi at Beth Yeshua Messianic Synagogue in Coral Springs, Florida (Bethyeshua.us). Dr. Bernal also enjoys visiting Teton Valley, Idaho, where his children and his heart are at “home.”

To have Dr. Bernal speak at your synagogue, church, or congregation please send an email to: oaksofrighteousness.adrian@gmail.com or you may call (307) 690-8399. He is also available to conduct Passover Seders at your church or Messianic synagogue. Please feel free to reach out to ORM. If you would love to donate to ORM, the easiest and most efficient way is through PayPal. Please use dr.adrianabernal@gmail.com or oaksofrighteousness.adrian@gmail.com or the link below to process your donation. Your gifts are fully tax-deductible according to the I.R.S. 501(c)(3) tax code. Thank you for your support!

Oaks of Righteousness Ministries c/o Dr. Adrian A. Bernal 7887 Golf Circle Drive APT 304, Margate, FL 33063


“Adonai bless you and keep you; Adonai make His face to shine on you and be gracious to you; Adonai turn His face toward you and give you shalom” (Numbers 6:24-26).

What Others Are Saying:

Dr. Adrian Bernal is a Biblical teacher with depth of understanding, spiritual passion, and accuracy in interpretation. I highly recommend him for preaching, seminars, and courses in the various areas of his capability which is very wide. Adrian teaches from a Messianic Jewish perspective with balance and an embrace of the various streams of the Church.” — Daniel Juster, Th. D., Founding President Tikkun International, Tikkun America, and the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations.

Adrian Bernal became one of my students in 1997; as we worked together, he become more than a student. We became good friends and colleagues. He was always one to do the full work asked of him, and he always received constructive criticism and instruction very well. His academic and personal passion is Messianic Judaism. He has shown himself to be an expert in the field. Dr. Bernal is an informed and articulate speaker, and I recommend him for lectures, sermons, and seminars. And, if the situation lends itself, he is an excellent golf instructor!” — Rick Walston, Ph.D., Founder and President Emeritus, Columbia Evangelical Seminary

Dr. Bernal has been an outstanding member of the Columbia Evangelical Seminary family! His academic prowess is excellent, and he is always seeking to learn and advance both his personal knowledge and his usefulness in God’s kingdom. He comes recommended without reservations from CES.” — Eric Odell-Hein, Ph.D., CES President.

Dr. Bernal taught Hebraic Idioms to our congregation in Orlando. It helped us to read the Bible in a fresh, new way. His wisdom mixed with humor were informational and enjoyable. I highly recommend Dr. Bernal for teaching, preaching, or lecturing at your place of worship.” — Pastor Joe Palm, New Hope Church, Orlando, FL.

Dr. Bernal has done five Messianic Passover Seders for Blazing Grace in the recent, seven years. It was because of his excellent teaching that after Dr. Bernal’s move to the east coast I was able to lead them on my own. Thank you Rabbi Adrian, Reverend Jim.” — Reverend Jim Jones, Blazing Grace Church, Pocatello, ID.

I have known Adrian for over 30 years. We have studied together, and I have watched him continue to pursue knowing God better even as he puts into action what he learns. I heard him speak, recently, and observed how well he connected with his audience, using humor and personal stories to illustrate biblical truth. I recommend Adrian as a speaker.” — R. B.

Rabbi Bernal did pre-martial counseling for my husband and I as well as officiated our ceremony. Having come from a traditional, Evangelical and Baptist background, we weren’t sure what to expect in a Messianic ceremony. Our ceremony was perfect, and Rabbi Bernal’s delivery and explanations of the various aspects of the ceremony and its biblical connections made the day even more perfect.”  — C. Smith

Dr. Adrian Bernal is the reason I found Yeshua (Jesus) as a Jewish person. He has a natural gift and makes understanding the Bible accessible to everyone. Dr. Bernal is passionate about teaching others. When he speaks in public, he uses humor and personal experiences to explain complex, theological ideas.” — A. Griboff

Donation for ministry

When you give, you’ll be helping Dr. Bernal accomplish his goal to reach the Jewish people with the Good News and to help the Church understand its connection to its calling among and with the Messianic community of Adonai. Your donation is fully tax-deductible according to the I.R.S. 501 (c)(3) tax code. Thank you!