Preparing for Yeshua’s Return

In my previous blog (rant and rave), I mentioned that the key to understanding eschatology is understanding the Day of the Lord found throughout the Scriptures. On the flip-side of the same coin, it should be noted that believers have a responsibility to fulfill prior to Yeshua’s return . . . regardless of the amount of time. Whether it is 3, 5, or 7 years from now, or if it 20, 30, or 100 years away, all believers need to live according to the Word of YHVH.

In doing so, believers will find that every area of their walk with Adonai will be scrutinized. From their money-handling to their daily interjections with others. From their slightest words of cursing to their greatest words of encouragement. In saying this, let me be very clear . . . I am, by no means, guiltless of misrepresentation of YHVH and Yeshua the Messiah. I have paid many wages for the price of my ill-choice words and actions over the years, and yes, I am disappointed in many of my wrong doings. However, not a person on this earth (past, present, or future) can escape the wrath of the Lamb that will, I believe, take place soon. The only exception will be for those who humble themselves, and rightfully change from their wicked (sinful) ways. The Plan of Salvation has been foretold from Genesis to the appearance of the Messiah Yeshua, and has now continued to this very day. It hasn’t changed! No amount of good-living can accomplish freedom from sin. We are all guilty! Jew and Gentile must believe that Yeshua is the Son of God (YHVH) and that only through Him do we become sons and daughters of YHVH.

There is still some discussion in the "Church" on whether or not Jews have to accept Jesus as their messiah. Frankly, this is a very old discussion . . . from prior to Constantine until now. What is disturbing is that many Gentiles believe that Jews have to convert to Christianity. Although Jews are not saved by heritage alone, like the rabbis would like us to believe, they do, indeed, need a Savior like Gentiles do. The difference, however, is that Jews do not convert. So, how does a Jew become a "Christian" and still remain a Jew? It really isn’t that hard; although, rabbinical law would love to make it so, and sadly, many Christians swallow the lie "hook-line-and-sinker" or is that "stinker" because it does . . . stink!?


Here’s how simple the dilemma is:

1. God (YHVH) promises Abraham that through his seed, all nations on earth will be blessed.

2. YHVH kept that promise! We see it fulfilled in the genealogy of Yeshua in the book of Matthew.

3. Yeshua came to the lost sheep of Israel (Jacob–Abraham’s son–his seed).

4. Yeshua was born a Jew, lived and Jew, died a Jew, resurrected as a Jew, and will return as a Jew to reign as the Jewish Messiah (King) in Jewrusalem (I couldn’t resist).

5. Gentile’s are grafted into the Olive Tree as a wild branch, but not as the tree!

6. Because most of the Jewish people forsook Yeshua as the messiah, which is not a new thing . . . they have rejected many "so called" messiahs, the majority of believers became Gentile.

7. The Gentiles thought and taught that the Jews had there chance, but God says He is not done with them.

8. Jeremiah prophecies for YHVH that Yahweh will make a New Covenant with the people of Israel (Jacob–Abraham’s seed, the Jews!).

9. Oops! The Gentiles call the New Testament the New Covenant, but wait . . . it’s not! It is merely the apostolic writings of the Jewish disciples of the House of Yeshua.

10. We are approaching (rather quickly) the numbering days of the Gentiles. Their number has just about come in. (It’s okay, there is still time for unsaved loved Gentiles to be saved. God is patient!)

11. They (the Jews) will look upon the one whom they pierced and mourn, and repent, and believe–AS JEWS! (And all Israel (Jacob-the present Jews of Israel) will be saved).

12. And, both Jewish believers and Gentile believers will enter the New millennium as new creations to celebrate a new set of feasts and festivals, which, by the way, belong to YHVH not the Jewish people.

13. The End!

So, you see! It’s not that hard! It is the Gentile that converts–to biblical Judaism not modern rabbinical Judaism–not the Jew. 🙂 Therefore, what is the responsibility of the Gentile Church . . . to live according to the Word of YHVH and preach the Good news to the Jew first without telling them that they have to convert to Christianity! There is no greater calling. BTW, what is Christianity? I encourage you to answer that simple question.


Shalom and barachas,

Adrian A. Bernal, M.T.S.

"Changing the way people think, one blog at a time."


Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved.

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