The Days Before Us

Recently, while I was ministering to a congregation in Swan Valley, Idaho (Chapel in the Valley) I was asked a question about the End-Days. Although I enjoy the topic, I don’t consider myself an expert on the subject. However, every believer in the Messiah needs to have a good, quality grasp on biblical knowledge regarding the days that lie ahead.

We are specifically told in Scripture to watch for Yeshua’s second coming. In doing so, there are certain signs that point to His return. These signs can be seen (not exclusively) in Matthew 24 and Luke 21. And, although most people aren’t students of eschatology (the study of the last things/days), Yeshua instructs his disciples:

1. Do not be deceived.

2. There will be wars and rumors of wars.

3. Nations will rise up against nations. (The Greek word for nation is "ethnos," which we get the word ethnic. Thus, I believe, there will be a rise in racial tensions not only nations against nations.)

4. And, there will be a famines and great earthquakes in many parts of the world.


All of the above signs, by the way, are the "beginning of birth pains." The Apostle Paul speaks to the same thought in 2 Thessalonians, chapter two. Without making eschatology too difficult like so many other theologians, I’ll try to show how simple Paul’s and Yeshua’s messages were and are to believers:

The term, "The Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord," or its variants, are found throughout the Bible from the Tanach to the Apostolic Scriptures (NT) depending on the translation you read. This Day is mentioned for a purpose. It is the pivotal point to understanding everything the Bible teaches regarding the End-Days. Yeshua and Paul are not teaching a "new idea." Nor are they teaching a separate message for the Jews and for the Gentiles when it comes to the End-Days. It’s always amazing to see how these famous, book-selling "theologians" teach two different messages: one for the "Church," and one for the "Jews." It’s almost as if they forgot that the "Church," for the most part, for the first three-hundred years, was primarily made up of Jews! Therefore, when Yeshua taught the disciples, he was teaching to Jews about the End-Days. Paul, on the other hand, was teaching to both–Jews and Gentiles. Now, here’s what funny . . . they both taught the same thing! There is no different End-Day message for the Jews, and another one for the Gentiles. Teachings about the Last-Days will encompass everyone on the earth. The book of Daniel teaches the same. Joel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Ezra, John, Peter, and every other JEW teaches the same thing. So, if God was intending to have a different message for the Gentile, rather than, the Jew, don’t you think He would have made that clear?

With all the teachings on the End-Days that are circulating around the theological globe, is it any wonder why the infamous, glaze-over-the-eyes takes place on Sunday mornings in "church?" People are fed up with "Tel-Evangelist’s theology!" The body of Messiah needs meat, not milk. And often when it comes to eschatology, people love to hear "what sounds good," but they don’t want to hear that dangerous days are coming for all believers-Jew and Gentile!

So, forget trying to cut-and-paste passages of Scripture that fit pre, mid, or post "tribulation" theologies! Rather, recognize the simplicity of Yeshua’s teachings in light of the "Great and Terrible (Dreadful) Day of the Lord." That Day is the pivotal point, and what comes before it and after it are key to being prepared for Yeshua’s return.

Study for yourselves the events before the Day and the events after the Day, and you will find how simple the teachings of the End-Days are for ALL believers. In doing so, I promise you will not be deceived and the mysterious, infamous glaze-over-the-eyes won’t happen.

"Don’t be fooled by what they say. For that day [the Day of the Lord] will not come until there is a great rebellion against God and the man of lawlessness is revealed–the one who brings destruction" (The Apostle Paul, 2 Thessalonians 2:3, NLT).


Baruch HaShem . . . YHVH! (Blessed [is] the Name–Yahweh!),


Adrian A. Bernal (A Jewish believer in Yeshua who is a part of the greater body of Messiah and will be called to join Him when He returns), M.T.S.

"Changing the way people think, one blog at a time."

Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved.

2 responses to “The Days Before Us”

  1. Thank you for this.  So many sugar coat this message for the people to hear.  Many will be suprised because thier so called \’fire insurance" is not paid up.  We have to keep the premiums paid for in order to claim the reward.
    He is coming, it\’s only a matter of time.
    In HIm,

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