The Covenant of Death

Previously, (March 29) I wrote an article about the End Times in a different MSN spaces site that I have not been able to log into or edit for quite some time. The site was started under a business I worked for (A Christian Online Directory Service). Since then, the company closed and with it, my previous IM account username and password. Therefore, I have copied this article to this new site; however, if you want to visit my previous site please feel free to do so. I have several books I recommend, which some are duplicates of the ones on this site. Also, there are other blogs that I have written. So, take the time to check it out, but, be forewarned, there are some pretty serious issues I am dealing with, including the blog on Mormonism and Christianity. I believe that this blog is as current as when I wrote it.

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Blessings and Shalom,


The Covenant of Death (March, 29 2007)

One of the biggest mistakes that can be done for interpreting biblical prophecy is to rely solely on current events. However, Yeshua plainly states that world-wide events would all be signs of the times (Matthew 24), and that believers should not expect Him to come as a thief in the night (1 & 2 Thessalonians). Unlike other teachers that would like to scare you into believing that He can come at anytime, a wise student of the Scripture will take current events and make sure they are within biblical parameters. One of these parameters is that Israel will sign a covenant with the anti-Messiah prior to Yeshua’s second coming.

Why would they want to do that? Let’s say you are to wanting to play a game of basketball. You have 5.3 million teammates, and your opponents have 80+ million teammates. Now, let’s take those odds and go to Vegas. Which of these teams would you bet on? The above numbers reflect the current populations of Jews and Arabs in the Middle-East. Up until now, I would have bet on the Jews. [However, since Annapolis I can’t quite find myself supporting Israel’s decision to be "bullied" by so many world leaders, especially and sadly, President Bush.] If Iran gets their hands on nuclear weapons, those odds would be a very real threat.

Just within the last few days the infamous Arab League summit was held in Riyadh. According to the Jerusalem Post, "Arab leaders called on Israel to accept their land-for-peace offer and open direct negotiations with the Arabs." Also, some very real threats were added by Jordan’s King Abdullah II, stating, "Israel must choose between two options: to live in a cycle of constant war and increasing hatred or to accept the option of peace and co-existence." He insisted that the U.S. push Israel into accepting their offer. Again, 80+ million Arabs surround a country no larger than Rhode Island with 5.3 million Jews. Hardly a fair fight, don’t you think? (for the Arabs I mean.)

With all kidding aside, Arabs are more than willing to accept the option that the Jews exist if they give back the land that they captured in the 1967 war. What? Has there ever been a country, outside of Israel, that has been told—actually, forced by the world population: EU, UN, the U.S., Russia, and Great Britain to give back their land? What needs to be emphatically understood by the world community is, not only did Israel defend, and sweat tears of blood for their right to exist, but YHVH Himself gave that land to them through Avraham. Before there were Arabs, God made a covenant with Avraham that his people through Isaac, and Jacob (Israel) would be given the land. Now it is the Arab who is trying to rewrite history, and make a false claim to the land. "Palestinians" used to be the term that referred to all people that lived in the region prior to 1948, Jew and Arab (not solely the Arab). When it was apparent that Israel was going to go to war in 1947, shortly after the gas chambers, the surrounding Arab countries refused to absorb the so-called "Palestinians." They had the room and resources to accommodate millions upon millions of Arabs. Actually, today, Jordan is made up of more than 53% of these so-called "Palestinians." Did you get that? Jordanians are actually made up of Palestinians, or is that Jordanians? Confusing isn’t it.

Here is the plain truth. You can search historical records if you disagree and then convince me otherwise. "Palestinians" were used by the Arab countries as mere pawns of political power. They refused to absorb them. They allowed their own people to live in tents, they let them starve and built a deep-seated hatred for the Jews. They wanted the sympathy of the world for their suffering brethren, but they would not lift one finger to help. So much so that Israel, after the war, absorbed more than two million Arabs and today they live in far better conditions than their surrounding 80+ million Arab friends. Israel brought stoves, and refrigerators, and plumbing to the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Israel has constantly relinquished their resources to simply have bombs thrown back into their faces. These are the facts, folks!

With so much pressure on Israel to sign a "true" peace treaty, I wouldn’t be surprised if Javier Solana, EU’s Superman, negotiates a deal in the very near future. This deal, will reveal the anti-Messiah to those that have eyes to see, and the Covenant of Death will be the false peace treaty that will hand the Jewish people over to the wolves of the world. The anti-Messiah will break that treaty three-and-a-half years into it, and then, truly, the gates of hell will be opened. This will not be the Wrath of God; however, it will be overwhelming and greatly troubling for all the Jewish people and all believers in the Messiah, especially in the Middle-East. Yet, God promises to cut that time short and redeem His people. Come quickly, Lord Yeshua!

Adrian A. Bernal

"Changing the way people think, one blog at a time."

Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved.

2 responses to “The Covenant of Death”

  1.    Well, I never!
           I mean that. I never heard a teacher on prophecy hit more nails on the head. Do you know how long I have yearned to hear some bible teacher say " We are not in darkness" Don\’t you love the bit\’s in the bible.
           I am afraid I come from a different Christian background and so it seems odd to hear Jesus called Yesuah and the anti Christ called the anti Messiah, so bear with me. I submit that your translation is closer and more revealing of His true nature than mine, however, I am an old dog and apples are apples no matter the colour.
           When you say that Israel will suffer drematically in the middle of the 7 year covenant, that is an understatement. I say that only to stress my agreement. You must be one of those Christians who actually believe the bible.
           I have a sight that I think you would find most interesting. It is 
           Please get back to me if the Lord leads you to reading the whole sight and let me know your thoughts. I assure you that you will come away with a far greater understanding of prophetic scripture.  If for some reason you disagree with anything you read on this site please let me know your reasons. I know what the bible says about false teachers and false prophets and I do not wish that on anybody, especially myself.
          If you do reply please put tkis reply in the subject box
          As you read this site you will soon come to understand that I have little fellowship in this area. Most Christians i know have very little true knowledge of prophetic scripture. Many quench the spirit of prophecy because they fear it. Most others have fallen for one of the hundreds of teachers who think they have it all understood. They worship these teachers as infalible. This is confusing as they all disagree with one another on many issues.
         But you sound like someone who understands this already, so I will leave you alone to look at what I believe the Lord has revealed to me on the site mentioned above.
         Please, please get back to me.

  2. Dear, CWHJR:
    Thank you for your kind words. I will make sure to check out the site that you suggested.
    It\’s okay if you don\’t refer to him as Yeshua and such, that is merely his Hebrew (original) name.
    Jesus, means the same thing. I recommend a book for you by another Jewish believer.His name is Marvin Rosenthal, and his book is called the, "Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church."Although I do not agree with everything he teaches, he does seem to be one of the best teachers I have read and heardfrom on this subject.
    You are right, however, about the lack of teachers really seeing things as cleary as Yeshuaexplains them. Unfortuantely, most Christians are unwilling to consider the Jewish mind-setof reasoning when reading the New Testament. Because the Church has been widely influencedthrough Greek thought and culture, the Jewish roots and foundations of the Word have been bypassed.
    I say all of this because much of what the Bible teaches on the Second Coming is found in the Tanach (Old Testament);therefore, to NOT recognize the Jewish perspective is to miss the way Jesus spoke toHis followers.
    Too often, modern preachers and teachers teach and preach out of what is "popular"and not what is biblical. Rosenthal does a great job with staying scripturally focused. Again, I will look into your recommended site, and get back to you about it.
    In the meantime, don\’t hesitate to email me any thoughts, questions, or concerns you may haveregarding the End times! Also, if you would like to give me access to your site, you may do so.
    Shalom (peace),
    A. A. Bernal,

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