Where America is Headed

Will there be one North American country? You can hardly listen to commentators on the T.V., and radio these days (Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the like) without wondering what is happening behind governmental closed doors. Will there be a unifying agreement between Canada, Mexico, and the United States without our (voting citizens) consent? One can only imagine.

However, there are some rumors going around about what the NAU and the SPP are and what they are supposed to do. In this blog I will attempt to correct some facts, and myths regarding the NAU and SPP. The S.P.P. (Security, and Prosperity Partnership of North America) is a true effort by the three North American countries to combine communication, enforcement, and security of our respective borders all under the guise of, “protecting U.S. citizens from terrorists threats and transnational crime.”1 And, also, to “promote the safe and efficient movement of legitimate people (What?) and goods”2 (parenthesis mine).

The NAU (North American Union) is merely a term that is synonymous with the SPP. Congressman Ron Paul, a 2008 presidential candidate, comparing the SPP with NAFTA quotes:

The ultimate goal is not simply a superhighway, but an integrated North American Union – complete with a currency, a cross-national bureaucracy and virtually borderless travel within the union. Like the European Union, a North American Union would represent another step toward the abolition of national sovereignty altogether.3

Although these two terms can be confusing, it may be easier to think on these lines: SPP is the goal and vision of the formation of the NAU. The NAU is what we will become, and the SPP is the action (legs) of getting us to that place. Is that any easier?

So, with the two above, how does one know the difference between fact and myth? Furthermore, do not mistaken the NAU and SPP to be synonymous with NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). These are two different “beasts” altogether.

One major thing I have learned over the years of studying the Bible is to never make the grave mistake of interpreting scripture with modern terminology and cultural influence. Instead, one must examine all the evidence (biblical and non-biblical), and come to an unbiased conclusion with the closest intent of the original author(s). Also, if one passage is omitted from the remainder of the other scriptures because it doesn’t fit personal theology, then the conclusion of that interpretation is a mere fantasy at best. If one passage in the Bible does not make sense or seems to contradict another passage, then more investigation is needed before a conclusion can be met. Unfortunately, too many licensed pastors (schooled or unschooled) preach doctrines without sufficient study and cause much confusion in the Body of Messiah.

For example, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard preachers ranting and raving from their pulpits saying, “The Bible says, ‘the Devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy!’” And, then the congregation responds with “Amen brother! Preach it!” when, in reality, the bible doesn’t teach this. Yes, the character of the Devil as a thief, murderer, and destroyer is true; however, the theme in John’s gospel chapter 10 isn’t referring to the devil, but, rather, it is referring to “false shepherds or men of hired hands” (pastors, rabbis, teachers, evangelists, etc.) that have not entered through Yeshua the gate.

Don’t believe me? Study John 10 again, and you will find that the quote is: “The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy; I have come that they [the sheep] may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10, NIV) (italics mine). Now, just in case all you KJV-readers-only disagree and insist that the Bible says, “The Devil” I assure you that the KJV uses the word “thief” as welleth.

In verses 1 through 9 Yeshua tells us who these (this) thief is. If anything is referring to the devil, in this passage, it is the “wolf” that scatters the sheep (10:12). When the wolf comes the hirelings and false shepherds run, and the sheep are scattered (v. 12). Why is this so important? Well, it’s easy, actually. While the “Church” is blaming everything on the devil and not taking responsibility for her own actions, the devil is more than pleased to sit back and watch a house be divided. Too many “false shepherds” have had their way with the sheep, and most believers just sit back and say, “Amen!” because they don’t want to “judge” the so-called “anointed” of God.

Therefore, how does this help us understand the SPP? Any document, that contradicts itself, within itself, is merely a front for something else. Here are two opposing statements found on the same website:

Myth: The SPP was an agreement signed by Presidents Bush and his Mexican and Canadian counterparts in Waco, TX, on March 23, 2005.

Fact: The SPP is a dialogue to increase security and enhance prosperity among the three countries. The SPP is not an agreement nor is it a treaty. In fact, no agreement was ever signed (emphases mine).4

Yet, on the same website, under, SPP News and Updates, it headlines this link: HHS Secretary Leavitt Signs Agreement With Canada To Improve Indigenous Health Care Delivery and Access. This “signing” was under the umbrella of the SPP. (BTW, why is the Secretary of the Human and Health Services signing a MOU (memorandum of understanding) with the Canadian Minister of Health anyway?)

Furthermore, is this not an “agreement?” Use this link (found on the same website) to read the official White House’s position of this “partnership” and correct me if I’m wrong. Are they not using “we” in a harmonious, and agreeable way?


Additionally, under the heading “2006 Report to Leaders” on the same website,5 you will read a letter to the leaders of Canada, United States, and Mexico signed by government officials of all three countries. Our officials were, Michael Chertoff, Carlos Gutierrez, and Condoleeza Rice.

In Summary: These “agreements” are happening beneath our noses without one vote. Because they are not Bills of the House or Senate, they simply can’t be voted on.

Slowly, but surely, our national sovereignty is being threatened to the point of non-existence. All the while, some of our younger generations (35 and under) are more concerned with the next MTV or VH1 music video coming out, or where they are going to spend their next Spring Break. Also, while the older generations (36 and above) are looking back and trying to relive the nostalgic days of the 40’s and 50’s and trying to blame every administration for their problems, we are seeing the prophetic words of the Bible unfold before our very eyes.

Without sounding like a conspiracy nut, let me ask: Is it any coincidence that the American economy is getting weaker? How about, the forever breakdown in border security by our government? Or, the continual debate between “Church and State” not found in our Constitution? How about, the rise of religious and ethnic hatred? Better yet, Global Warming!?

When a person like me can read one convincing lie after another in the same framework of a website, and see that there is a more dark and cynical force at work, then why don’t others see it? Believe it or not, I am a Conservative, but I have been very disappointed with this second term of President G.W. Bush. Why the constant drive to make Israel sign a Peace Agreement with her enemies when they want to see nothing less than her total destruction? Really, has any government, outside of Israel, just surrendered their blood-bought land for the sake of world-peace? Would America give back Alaska if the Russians starting crying, “Wolf!”? Of course not! Yet, the world is convinced that there is such a thing as a Palestinian. Never mind that 53% of Jordanians are made up of these so-called, “Palestinians.”

My friends, Yahweh has seen these things long ago and spoke about them to his prophets. There will be a one-world leader soon, and to fight for American principles over God’s principles will become broader still. Will there be an Amero (North American currency equivalent to the Euro) by 2010? I don’t know; however, I do believe that this is the plan behind closed doors. Will Americans rise up and say “no” to this? I think not! If that were the case, then why are Americans not standing up and firing these governmental officials working for themselves, rather, than the very ones that voted them into office? A modern day “Boston Tea Party” has to happen if the government is going to take notice. But, frankly, I don’t think Americans have any fight left. Most are burying their heads in the sand waiting for “something” to happen. Well, their silence has helped America get to the point of no God, no public prayer, no Judeo-Christian values in school, and political correctness instead of speaking out in righteousness.

People are afraid to go shopping, to go to school, to disagree with someone for fear of being sued. If you think that this country is going to remain like our founding fathers had hoped, then you are gravely mistaken. I only touched the surface of the SPP and NAU; however, don’t be alarmed with the days ahead. Yahweh promised to pour out His spirit upon us in these Last Days.


Adrian A. Bernal

“Changing the way people think, one blog at a time.”


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© 2007, All Rights Reserved.

3 responses to “Where America is Headed”

  1. I don\’t know whether to rejoice or be sad after reading your post. My emotions and mental abilities are not sure how to react – however, I would like to say I agree whole-heartedly with you on reading scriptures with a mindset on the original authors – and the original people it was written. Thank you for your comment a few days ago "as welleth"

  2. Rob:You\’re welcome! Whether or not this comes true, which I believe there is a great chance that it will, Yeshua prophecys in Matthew 24 that we are headed for a global shakedown. Although, we are not to worry, because He will be greater in us, than he that is in the world. Stay strong in the Ruach HaKosdesh my brother.Adrian

  3. Great comment on my page about Joseph and his brothers. I agree with your comment – and I think it is so incredibly beautiful that our G-d – the G-d of Israel – is such a relational G-d! Our scriptures contain so many imperfect people – which is unlike many other religions of the world, and I think it is great! We need to be redeemed…we need El Shaddai! Our scriptures are not just victory after victory – they include many pitfalls. On the other hand – I would realllllly like to get my hands on one of those "Get Out of Jail Free- Halacha" cards. lol.

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